Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 10 things to do in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Top 10 things to do in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia:

1.       See the beauty that is Kawah Putih.  It took us 5 hours to travel to this tourist attraction but the hassle was definitely worth it. The weather is so cold that it’s best to roll your windows down and just savor the good weather. We actually went here on January 1 and boy was I not feeling well. Nevertheless, I dragged my butt and proceeded with the trip. It’s nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life and just be closer to nature.

2.       Dine in Kampung Daun. The amazing ambiance and waterfalls is enough to make you want to dine in Kampung Daun. The food is ordinary so don’t expect too much. Make sure to visit at night because the place is so well-lit and more beautiful as soon as the sun comes down.

3.       Watch the saung Anklung Udjo. There’s no better way to explore and inhale the culture of Indonesia than watching the Angklung which is a two-hour show with several parts. There’s a puppet show, mask dance, Angklung performance, learning how to play the Angklung and my favorite part, dancing with the little kids!

4.       Shop in factory outlets in Jl. Dago and Jl. Setiabudi. There are a lot of garment and textile factories in Bandung that’s why factory outlets just mushroomed all around the city. Nothing beats finding a branded item in good condition, brand new and half the price!

5.       Buy quality shoes in Cibaduyut Street. Cibaduyut is the shoe street of Bandung and being a self-confessed shoepaholic, this street was just right up my alley. Quality shoes that come in cheap prices. What more could you ask for? I went the extra mile and made friends with a seller there so I had shoes custom-made just for me.
6.       Explore the food scene.  So far, my favorite restaurant in Bandung has got to be Fashion Pasta in Jl. Dago Resor Pakar. Authentic Italian cuisine at its best. Nice atmosphere and superb food. But of course you should grab the opportunity to try Indonesian food. The cuisine is a mix of sweet and spicy. They are fond of making soups filled with vegetables. Sometimes with curry. Try Lontong, Nasi goreng, Mie, Padang and Satay.

7.       Check out Pasar Baru. Pasar Baru is a mecca of good and cheap finds.  I came here mainly to source fabrics.  This place is also the best to go souvenir shopping. This is Bandung's own version of Divisoria. You can buy souvenir shirts here in cheap prices! I don't have any pictures from this place coz I was advised not to bring a camera since the place is very crowded. But it is definitely worth a visit. Most Malaysians come here to shop for fabrics.

8.       Buy pastries at Prima rasa. They say Kartika Sari is also a must-visit in Bandung but I actually prefer Prima Rasa. Try the pisang bolen and layer cakes! Just make sure to visit during the weekdays or go really early during the weekends. There are a lot of tourists that flock here to buy their pastries. It’s really famous.
9.       Make new friends. I was fortunate enough to stay for a couple of months here so I was able to adjust and also meet new people. But even if you are just staying for a week, you can easily make friends with Indonesian people. They are generally nice and quiet. They may not speak the English language very well but they will still try to talk to you. What I like most about them is that they generally have a calm nature. You can eat everywhere and you will find a polite staff waiting to serve you.

Learn the language.  At first I saw the language barrier as a hindrance to my enjoyment of the trip but things took a turn and I was more than happy to learn the language. The Indonesian language closely resembles Tagalog that’s why it is very easy to learn. You just need to put your heart into it and you’ll be speaking the language in just a month. Some examples of Bahasa words similar to Tagalog are takut, sakit, bangun, lima, buka. I can go on and on. Just bring your pocket dictionary everywhere and you are good to go! You can also download the English-Indonesian pocket dictionary app on your phone. That’s what I use during salon trips.

Thank you Bandung for being so nice to me! I truly enjoyed the trip and I can't wait to come back soon.



  1. terima kasih for this lovely post! i missss bandung and paris von java and all the outlets ^^

    and happy new year to you and your family! ^^


  2. I'll definitely take note of this, so helpful!


  3. Number one is most helpful! I had a hard time with some of the words. Helpful post, Yna! :)

  4. custom-made shoes just for you!!! wowww :D anyway, sounds like a fun trip! :D

  5. Informative post especially the number one:) thanks for sharing!

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  8. Miss Bandung very much

  9. its look like 2 year a go, nice & good review for my town, keep on review friend