Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quick Updates!

Dear Blog,
      I know I've been gone for two weeks and to you, it might have seem like an eternity. I just want to inform you that I have valid reasons for being absent in the blogging world! One is that, I have recently moved in to a new apartment/condo and I currently don't have an internet connection! If that's not valid enough then I don't know what is. And I want to deliver the good news that I am now a................    

*drumroll please* 

Finally, I am now working!!! Can you believe it? I mean come to think of it, my friends probably thought that I would be the last person to work among all of us! After graduation, they all went to look for their first job while I kept delaying mine. Well, I believe I deserved some rest from all of that studying and I also had to fix my health first. But now, in God's perfect time, I finally got the job that I've been looking for! I believe it doesn't suit my course but it definitely suits my passion :) So I'm quite ecstatic about it!

It's amazing to think that after all the things that I went through during the first half of the year, things eventually fell into place! I will never forget the time when I was super sick and I went to Sagada and got even more sick because I sprained my foot during caving. That was definitely one for the books. And I will never forget my bed rest days which btw, was both hard and yet at the same time, stress-free. That was the time I got addicted to everything Korean so it's definitely memorable. 

Things finally took a 360 by June and I went to Indonesia where I had the time of my life exploring Jakarta with my mom. And by July, I finally became free! I am proud to say that this is the start of my independent living. 

Here's me and my roomie/friend/sister Kish at our clubhouse. I haven't taken a dip on that pool yet due to lack of time but one of these days, I will!

My first week of independent living was the hardest. One night I broke down and called my boyfriend because I was sooo exhausted. I was really tired from work then and I was soo hungry and there was no food. I forgot that living separately from my family means that I had to cook my own! And to top that off, I realized I had nothing to wear the next day so I immediately went to do my own laundry. It's only been a week since that incident and yet I still cringe at the thought of it. When did I start being so melodramatic?!

Right now, I am still adjusting to this new life but I think that I am not a lost lamb anymore. I am slowly learning how to manage my time so that I can still do my own chores, go to work without being late, eat on time, attend to this blog and my shop and have drinks with friends once in a while!

Update no. 2 is...

I got to see the best female rapper of all time/gorgeous vixen Nicki Minaj! Love love love her. And yes, I cried during the concert!

Here's what I wore!

Update no. 3 is aside from Greenbelt where I'm working, you'll mostly find me at Burgos Circle having drinks with friends. So if you're in the area, let's catch up!!!

Johnny Rockets and Izumi with HS friends last Tuesday!

Agantea and Izumi with friends last Friday!

Update no. 4 is my working life! We have a strict dress code at work and we are only allowed to wear neutral colors. Here's one of my corporate-ish look!

This leather pencil skirt was such a steal at F21! 
And my co-employees during one of our breaks!

And finally update no. 5 is!!!

Amores Clothing is releasing one-of-a-kind leggings available in studded, paisley and red metallic lame. Like our page on Facebook for more updates!

So that's all! Hope you didn't get bored with this loooong update!
Will TRY to blog again next week!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Electric Shock

I made this jacket!, F21 neon top, thrifted shorts, SM socks, Converse sneakers

This look is again inspired by my favorite Kpop idols! It's actually inspired by f(x)'s Electric Shock and Wonder Girls' Like This. The pop of neon is everywhere in this two vids. Wore this outfit to a friend's birthday party. :)

Gotta go now coz I'm finally moving out of our house today and I just squeezed in this blog post!!!
Oh no! I'm going to live around the Taguig area from now on but of course, I will still go home during weekends. But this is it! The start of my independency! Hurray!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sporty Saturdays

This is one of those rare days that I'm wearing a sporty ensemble. I am inspired by Kpop idols and the sportswear trend lately hence the outfit! Btw, I am using my room's newly painted wall as a background! It has always been my dream to have an all pink room and I can't wait til everything is finished!
Magnolia (Indonesia) top, Amores (soon to be available) studded leggings, Converse sneakers, F&H sunglasses
These leggings will be available soon on Amores so please watch out! They're very comfy and edgy at the same time. It gives this casual outfit an instant oomph! More leggings in scarf print, metallic lame and studded  will be for sale soon on my online clothing store so wait for it!
Here's a close-up photo of the leggings. I personally love the studs! You can pair it with an oversized buttondown too, perhaps in denim or in white. Then sport some cool sunnies and sneakers then voila, instant model off-duty look!

My Saturday was spent foodtripping with my boyfriend in Los Banos. Here's a snapshot of this new dish from Bonitos called Duxelle. Basically, it's ravioli stuffed with mushroom, garlic and cheese and drenched in a tomato cream sauce. Major love! 

And then played with my batchmate Carlo's dog Appa! Isn't he the cutest? I wish my pug was as sweet as him. I've been complaining a lot lately about my dog on Twitter because he's the grumpiest laziest dog ever. Seriously, he barely greets me when I come home! He hates being carried. He like to laze around all day and he's only perky whenever there's food. Are pugs usually like that? I don't think so, the old Paopao (my old pug who died) was a million times better than this new one!
Appa the shih tzu is 10x more lovable than Paopao!

LB will forever stand for laidback for me, it's the only place where I can act crazy like this. I was happy to go back to LB even if it was just to eat cheap food and drink milk tea at Moonleaf with my boyfriend. Oh no! I'm going to start with work soon (T.T) so chill days like this would be a luxury from now on!

Annoying GIF is annoying GIF.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Insightful Tuesdays: Five Shopping Rules I Live By

1. Dress according to your body type. 
 The lightest I have been during my college days was 48 kgs, my height is 5"4. During my thinner days, the sky was really the limit for wardrobe choices. I can wear bodycon dresses, shorty shorts, tank tops etc. But right now that I gained weight (I'm now 53 kgs) I find myself avoiding body-hugging clothes mostly because they don't flatter my body type anymore. This rule helps me avoid unwanted peek-a-boos such as *cough* muffin tops *cough*. You know when you wear jeans that are too tight around the waist and you pair it with an equally fitted top? Those layers of flabs that appear whenever you sit down? Yep, they're called muffin tops and they irk me the most, closely following VPL and buttcracks. Dressing according to your body type is a lifesaver! You can even create the illusion of losing weight as long as you stick with pieces that highlight your assets. If you are on the curvier side, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should stick to only loose clothing. As for me, I have a protruding lower abdomen so I tend to wear bottoms that are high-wasted so as to shy away from that unflattering area. I also like wearing bright tops and darker bottoms as this will make people focus on your upper area. I also wear dresses that cut above the tummy. Oh no, you know my secret now! When I'm wearing dresses, I tend to stick now to printed ones because the busy pattern will distract people from the protruding tummy. And I also avoid denim shorts now as I have really big thighs, but if I must wear shorts they must be loose around the thigh area and preferably, high-waisted.

Kim Kardashian loves wide-leg pants. I think it effectively hides her huge hips.

Blake Lively knows how to highlight her best asset--her legs.

2. Focus on the basics.
   Whenever I'm asked for help in organizing one's wardrobe, I always recommend this rule to that person. Simply because the basics are the essentials and the essentials are the items you will go to during those I-have-nothing-to-wear days. As for me, I always have this off-white silk polo that I tend to wear when I feel like I have nothing to wear or when I'm being lazy. Buttondown polos are good investments because they can be paired with anything like skirts, palazzo pants, trousers, denim cut-offs. Basically, it's a blank canvas and you can be creative with it any way you want. I highly recommend the basics section of Forever21. They have all this affordable cotton shirts and tank tops in variety of colors. In my opinion, these are the basics that you will really need in your whole journey in the world of fashion.

Tim Gunn has 10 wardrobe essentials I have 12

             a. White v-neck shirt
             b. Denim buttondown polo
             c. White buttondown polo
             d. Denim cut-offs
             e. A perfect fitting black blazer
             f. Tank tops in bright colors
             g. Black ballerina flats
             h. black/white/nude pumps
             i. Perfect fitting jeans
             j. Oversized bag
             k. Chain-strapped evening bag
             l. Little black dress
From these basics, you can now venture towards the more adventurous side of fashion and experiment with bolder color choices and funkier shoes. You can now just add more items in your wardrobe and just mix and match them with those above. Splurge on the basics but save on the trends! Which leads me to next rule...

3. Never hoard trends.
      This is one rule that I will never compromise even if I had all the money in the world. I'm proud to say that I never hoarded trends. Back in 2010 when clogs were all the rage, I only bought one pair. Look at where clogs are now? Gone. Finito. It's all about ankle-strap minimal shoes and chunky platforms now.  Trends do make a comeback though so it's best to keep the items you hoarded within your reach. Right now neon, sportswear, peplum are the dominant trends. It's nice if you buy one, two or three items that are in line with those trends but never hoard and buy tenfold! Soon you won't see them in the runway and the streets anymore but instead, in the saddest corner of your closet gathering dust. Unless you have a thing for wearing outdated trends then I guess, go with whatever floats your boat!

Snooki not only hoarded trends but also wore them all in a single outfit! A big no-no!

4. Develop your own style
   This rule will really save you a lot of time AND money! Imagine reading a magazine and liking everything in it just because you don't have your own style yet, and so you go to the mall and spend hours in it hoarding everything you saw in the magazine. Wouldn't that be such a waste of time and money? But if you already have your own style, you will know how to EDIT. You know that the sportswear trend will probably not work for you so you go to the mall and you only buy items that will coincide more with your current wardrobe.

There are a few gifted people who are really style chameleons, meaning they can wear any trend and it will still look good on them. Heck, the Olsen twins can dress up like my grandmother and Vogue would still call it chic. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the rest of us mere mortals.

Case in point.

 So I guess it's better to stick to pieces that suit your personality. For me, I really gravitate towards feminine pieces but this doesn't mean that I will shut leather and studs out of my life. It's just a matter of buying MORE pieces that suit my style and just adding a FEW touches of edgy, mode, hippie or preppy here and there.

Kate Middleton is someone who sticks to her own classic style

5. Never spend the money that you don't have
 Confessions of a Shopaholic was a funny and amusing movie but pulling a Rebecca Bloomwood in real life is totally not cool! It's nice to have all the designer stuff but it's definitely not nice to be drowned in debt. So learn to control your habits and always try to pay in cash when shopping.

If you're eyes widen at the sight of the price tag.. WALK AWAY!

For me, I think it's best to shop at least twice or thrice a month since this will encourage you to buy little stuff at a time. When you suppress the shopping itch, they tend to pile up and so you tell yourself "Today, I am going to indulge myself in a shopping spree" and that's when the dent in your wallet becomes bigger. You know how sometimes, we don't really need to buy anything but we just want to feel that we bought something? It's just the shopping itch! You don't have to feel guilty, just buy a necklace or a top. This will help you spend the money that you only have RIGHT NOW! It's a different story if you shop thrice a month and in huge quantities every time. If that's the case then I highly recommend that you check yourself into shopaholics' rehab ASAP.

Hope I helped!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Room Project


Hello there! I'm very excited for the second half of the year coz I'm looking forward to a lot of things! I know it's not yet too late for me to claim that 2012 is going to be my year. Honestly, the first half of 2012 was quite meh. I was hospitalized and stuck at home so I'm pretty sure the second half won't be as boring! One of the things I'm looking forward to is the renovation of my room. As you probably know by now, I'm a typical girly girl meaning I love pink, lace and tutus. So I would like my room to reflect who I am. Thus, I came up with this mood board so you can visualize with me how my future room will look like. Right now, my room is a bit bland, white walls, white cabinet, white shoe rack. It doesn't suit me at all. Since I'm quite delusional and I like to pretend I'm a princess, I came up with the Liz Lisa/Princess Style room.

The motif would be pink, white and Liz Lisa florals. I am going all out with tulle and lace canopies on my bed to achieve the princess feel. I'm collaborating with a really nice decorator who had already done our garden and my parents' room. He's really good and he also suggested cheaper alternatives so we wouldn't spend too much on the room renovation. I believe that the bedroom is a sacred place, it is where my dreams are formulated and where I spend almost half of my day, I really love sleeping FYI. I can sleep for 12 hours max so I guess it's practical that I exert time and effort in creating a comfy room, one that I would love spending time on. 

What do you think?